Radisson Blu Hotel

Restoration of Bathroom and Shower floors.

Radisson Blu Hotel
Sydenham, Port Elizabeth
Contract Value: R 2 000 000 (18 month project)

This project was started out to be a trial and error demolition course. All we knew about the existing floors were that it had been made out of a steel cubicle. This meant we had to cut through the 1st layer of steel, through the damaged wood, right into the 2nd layer of steel, on top of the existing concrete floor.

This was very labor intensive. We initially started out with a Projected Program schedule, which changed completely, once we started with the initial 5 floors. Once removed, all the waste materials had to be carted in mobile waste bins down to the refuge area.

Transporting the concrete was a challenge on its own. The concrete had a waterproofing additive in the mix, enhancing the curing time. We really had to move on concrete days. Once the concrete had been casted, we then had to re-fit the existing glass panels and doors after which the tiling and cleaning followed. We are still busy with this project and will be for the next 18 months. This is a very challenging but rewarding contract.